Logo of ethical Sourcing
Ethical Sourcing

Kingsmen offers a wide selection of wood species to match any design. The differences in wood species are as fascinating as they are beautiful, from the pronounced grain of Oak to the fine straight grain of Maple, the dark elegance of Siena Walnut to the bright warm tones of Ash Wood and other exotics like Burma Teak, Sapelli, Iron Wood, Wenge, Ebony and Brazilian Cherry. Our timber is 100% hardwood milled from various exotic European and Asian timber species, certified from ecologically managed forests.

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Bespoke Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facilities use sophisticated state-of-the-art facility using German, Japanese and Austrian machines. Kingsmen’s range of solid hard wood species qualify the hardness test by time-tested Janka Hardness test as harder woods better withstand indentations than softer woods. Properly seasoned and efficiently kiln dried, premium grade solid timber is used to manufacture products with dual characteristics of immense stability, durability and superior surface finish.

Logo of Customized Installation
Customised Installation

Kingsmen’s state-of-the-art technology partnering with Bona Sweden, the world’s leading timber floor care brand, has endowed Kingsmen with the mastery of timber floor installation that is designed to last a lifetime.

Logo of Customized Installation
Centralized Distribution

Kingsmen’s exceptional quality and expertise ensure a full control over sourcing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, thus ensuring zero compromise on the highest quality standards.