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Solid Timber Doors

These doors are perfectly suited for natural indoor environments, with lesser carbon emissions. The seasoned doors are made from kiln dried premium grade solid timber, which provides stability and durability, along with a superior surface finish. The doors are site-finished and come with a warranty to last you a lifetime. We offer a wide selection of fascinating wood species, with different styles and colours, ranging from the pronounced grains of Burma Teak and the warm tones of Ash Wood, to the exotic bold looks of Honne (Merbau) & Iroko which suits your lifestyle.

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Engineered Door Frames

Premium Grade Engineered Door Frames offer the aesthetics of wood through their natural warmth and multiple surface textures. The different thickness, size and exposure durability classifications make these products stable and structurally strong. Our Engineered Wood Products are made from timber that is created specifically to meet the preservation standards defined for India; chemically treated by CCA as per IS:10013, and vacuum pressured as per IS:401

Kingsmen understands that for every customer, strength and durability are the prime concerns. To address this, the Engineered Doors and Frames use the Finger Joint System that makes the door stronger and prevents warping. We also use Dowel Joints that add to the strength and resist being pulled apart.