Solid timber

Solid Timber flooring is made of planks milled from premium grade timber logs that are kiln dried which guarantees performance of a lifetime. Manufactured under tight quality control conditions using the best manufacturing practices, our Solid Timber flooring comes with less carbon emissions. The flooring is made of Superior Quality Hardwood sourced from various exotic European, American, African and Asian timber species that are certified from ecologically managed forests. The flooring comes in eco-friendly finishes and is maintained using Bona products.

A wide variety of Timber species

In addition to the timber, the components used for the installation of flooring play a crucial role in the durability of wooden floors. Whether it is the adhesives we use to stick the floor, or the machines and abrasives we use for sanding the floor, or the filters and finishes we use for polishing the floor, they all play a very critical aspect in delivering the best floor for you. All the components we use are Green Guard Certified products from the world leading Bona AB Sweden which ensures your Indoor Air Quality.

The flooring has a thicker wear surface and can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Our flooring is equipped with absorption strips that reduce cupping, and we use the Ventilated Batten System (patented) for installation that makes the flooring less prone to gapping, loosening and deforming caused by humidity.

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